Me and Eva are starting a band! Who wants to be in it!?

We already have 4 people, Eva on Vocals, me on acoustic guitar, Shinobi on bass, and Pierson on drums even though I doubt he can actually drum!

I also want people to contribute quatrains, so that I can arrange them into songs! That way more people will be able to be a part of this!

I’ll start:

What happens when we die!?
I dread the inevitable end.
I’m just an insecure guy,
on whom you can’t depend!

Oh my god, that is SO Emo. Whatever, contribute!

I want to be on a cool guitar too :frowning: So I can rock on and lean into the microphone and whilst singing, look out at my back up singer out of the corner of my eye like those sum 41 guys do. I want to do that.

I nominate these lyrics:You are so dreamy!
Until you start passing gas!
Then you’re not dreamy!

Hey, I can drum! I’m to drumming what Ann Coulter is to being a crazy-ass lying bitch!

I can play the flute.

OMG! That is so badass. Gimme a quatrain and you’re in!

Me and mog want to be groupies.

:moogle: Woooooooo groupies!!! when do we get to smoke pot and live outside of a minivan.

I haven’t played it in about a year and a half, but I own a trombone.

You know what else is band? I’ll give you three guesses; it starts with “Y” and ends with “OU”!

Yarou, Japanese for “male” or “man”

I think I know what it’s like, to face an opponent like you do
But instead I’m weak, I’m helpless, but for you I’ll fight back too
Only the enemey is time, and the pressure against me is distance
Just thinking about defeating that void, to shatter all the resistance

I don’t care what they say,I just want you to be here
You drive me crazy already what would it be like if you were near
I don’t want you to stop what you do, I don’t want to be freed
It’s unbearable from what we say, each other is who we need

Please don’t leave me here and now, you don’t know what you’ve done
You’ve made a young girl fall in love, to me, you’re my sun
I know we’d be together, unseperable in person
I speak the truth,nothing else but my love for you is certain

Isn’t that spiffy?! We’re an emo band right?! We have to angst.

Hell, let’s just go the whole damned way and be the first band to cover Linkin Park songs.

Oh yes let’s cover in the end, but I’d need someone to be the Mike to my Chester.

Yes! We need more posts like yours Eva! We need them so we can separate the lazy fucks looking for self aggrandizement from the people who actually want to WORK for this cause!

I don’t want you back, you’re just the best I ever had.


Sounds eerily familliar…

Haha that makes you sound like a gigilo.

I can make an electric guitar from wal-mart sound… good :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s something half-assed for the thread:

Look through the night’s sky
Trying to find your sanctum
Keep searching hoping to find
Your mental asylum

The only reason we ragged on you was because you could have bought a better, non-walmart guitar for about the same price. Just sayin’.

My trombone playing is so amazing that I don’t have to do any real work to earn my keep! You don’t appreciate my art, man! Fuck you and your band! I quit!

I wanna join! Dibs on the rumor-ridden poolside death!

You know, this band idea has given me a fever. A FEVER. And the only prescription is more cowbell.

Now, mind you, that wouldn’t be me on the cowbell. No. I suggest Epic on the cowbell.