RPGC Appartment thread

Let’s post pics of our pads!

Here I’ll post some of mine.

Ooh, good idea. I haven’t moved in yet, but I’ll post pics when I do.

Nice room Sin, I really like it. Wish I had a digital camera…

Hey Sin, Someone Nicked your TV!! /jk

Nice place, I so am going to find a Yuna/Lenne Poster for my Room. I ask Ms Everquest across the road. (FF11: Sky/ EQ: ??? (How do the hell do i know but she got Everquest stuff around her house)) I willblag FF7:AC/DC and FF12 Promo from the Local stores for my room.

Does any one Does Sheena and Raine Plushies? (Yep, I saw that Slime!)

Cool. Where is it located and how much is the rent, Sin? :stuck_out_tongue:

I only took pics of one of my previous apartments, but SADLY, I seem to have lost them.

Its mine. Its located at the junction between downtown and the old port in Montreal.

Nice, thats a cool place you got there sin. I kinda wanna house, but thats not till i get someone to help me…cough my wife cough. But i still got a while till that day comes.

I’ll take some pics soon, but I need to get some posters mailed out here first so it doesn’t look like I live a completely sterile existence.

I did something like this in my livejournal a few months ago-

Sweet, lol. Thats cool, I wish i had that apartment. Nice place there Devil.

You should post a picture of the crabitat, especially. And then of what suspiciously looks like pokemon and neopets plushies on your bed. <.<

I see a Vivi, a Slime, a Something I Don’t Recognize, and a TONBERRY!!!111 :frowning: jealousy

Tonberries rock.

Dragon Tear rocks!

Awwww. <3 gives merl…uh… cookies!
But yes. Yes I do. :smiley: I demand the CH- line to be changed into that in the next newsletter! <.< ::dekar!:: Dekar!

On the back of my bed I have a tonberry, a vivi, a blue slime and a metal babble. I also have an oglop and a little Princess Garnet somewhere along with various random plushies like my fat anteater.

I’m a <b>MAN</b>, so I gots none of dem damn plushies.

guzzles beer while watching “Blue Collar” TV

Err… I could do my room I suppose. I think I have pictures somewhere.

I took out incriminating stuff:

Yaaaay clutter.

You know, I was curious about the black square in the second pic, but after seeing the third one I think I have a pretty good idea of what was editted out. :mwahaha:

Also, yay clutter! Clutter rocks!

I can probably post pics soon once I snare a digital camera from someone. It may be Monday or Tuesday before I can though.