RPGC anime-watchers, I challenge thee.

Find a clip more awesome than this. I dare you.

yeah, I liked this anime back when it was called voltron, not “stupid dolphin arm robot-kun adventure”

Fuck you GaoGaiGar is fucking awesome. >:(

Tried to see twice. First time, it stopped at 40% download. Second time, loaded but Win Media Player refused to play it. ~_^

Btw, Piers, what Anime is your Avatar from? Looks familiar. Saint Seiya? B’TX?

My thoughts exactly

Gaogaigar = Worst fucking super robot ever.

See previous post.

Stupid usendit. Its down, can anyone host?

-Any given scene from Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu
-Anything from FLCL
-Anything from Naruto
-rambles on

It’s colorful and all, but WHY HAVE FISH ROBOTS? Absolutely useless.

Is that the anime with the girl from the jungle with the huge knockers?

I don’t think so. Guu is the one in the jungle with the small kid who eats everything.

I could find a clip, but I’m lazy.

Also yours doesn’t work.

I used to have a clip of Vegeta going Super Saiyan and killing Android #20! It may be DBZ, but Vegeta is one badass dude. Man that scene made me piss my pants and be like “Whoaaaa holy fuckety fuck” at it’s awesomeness back when I was like 13.

All DBZ is awesome when you’re thirteen. Whether you like it after you’re sizteen or so is how you’re judged. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jungle De Ikou. And don’t make me remeber the dance she had to go thru. >_>;