RPG Time Management

There was a delay between each of the posts. If I edited it and added on information, nobody would read it

Plus, it bumps the topic to the top

well people took the time to read all three posts the least you couldve done was edit them together but it’s past no worry

I meant there’s some time between the posts

well like i said it’s in the past…


People here just hate double-posting and necroposting. :hahaha;

I hate it too thats why i said something…whats necroposting?

It’s when you post in a topic that’s dead. Meaning that no one has posted in that topic in a reasonable amount of time. When people post in a topic that is outside that reasonable length of time, then it’s called Necroposting. Basically, if you go to the sixth page and just post something in it, then your necroposting more than likely.

A general rule of thumb is it’s ok to post on a topic that’s on the first page

pokes ooookkkkkk CAPTAIN!

o.O That is really disturbing