Rpg Stats Questions

I am slowly creeping along at that rpgmaker2k3 thingie Set and I are so obsessed with and I need some input from you guys to get over a hurdle. Two big sets of questions.

  1. What would the stats be for the average villager? A child? An elder?

  2. Taking into consideration the previous: What would the stats be for assorted non-monster type animals of various types and sizes?

I believe this qualifies for wtf

He’s mainly talking to those of us that know RM2K3…and “average” depends entirely on the creator.

Just run after common stereotypes. The elder is old, so he doesnt have many HP or defense, but he’s wise, so has lots of mind and is good in magic. The average villager has all his stats on normal (duh). A kid wuld be weak in all stats, except for maybe limit breaks. And the animal, well, that depends what kind of animal it is.
At least that’s what I’d do.

Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
He’s mainly talking to those of us that know RM2K3…and “average” depends entirely on the creator.

That is why it qualifies for wtf.

Average Villager: Low HP… Average STR, SPD, INT
Elder: Low HP, STR, SPD… High INT
Kid: Low HP, STR, INT… Average SPD

Animals vary very much.

Your typical housecat would have Low HP, STR… and High SPD, INT

An average sized dog would probably have Low INT, Average HP, STR and High SPD

How many times higher would an adult’s stats be in relation to a kid’s? How much weaker would an elder be?

About the animals: Lets say the rat is a common unit of measurement. How many rats equal one cat? One wolf? One adult villager?

They should teach common sense in grade school


I have long since accepted that I am an idiot in many fields. Common sense may be one of them. :ulty:

Maybe you should play a few more RPGs so you get a feeling for that :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not that difficult, really.

Most of the rpgs had completely insane animal stats. Villagers in most also never see battle.

You’re making a realistic-like RPG, then?

In the beginning most of your enemies will be soldiers and the odd beast. Later on you get into the hideous monsters and great-wurms.

Things will be more realistic than in a lot of games. Four sewer rats should not beat a hero, even a beginning one. Maybe a child if the kid didn’t run.

Well, I’ll have a demo of my RM2K3 game ready in a couple days…possibly sooner.

It might give some people ideas for theirs…

Mine is already done =^^=
I’m just waiting for the results of my beta- testers so I can write the credits and I will release it =^^=