RPG music

Does anyone have, or know where to get (for free) any sheet music (or even just the notes) for the final fantasy series, me and my band are thinking of doing a cover of some of Nobuo Uematsu’s music.

yeah i got one go to www.mxtabs.net hang on lemme just check if they got any final fantasy stuff.

oh yeah talking about sheet music down any one know a good place where i can get a goood version on how to play
‘Here Without You’ by 3 doors down because every where i’ve checked no ones tabbed it right! (it is a hard song!)

Anyone got any other sites?


…i doubt you’ll be able to find much tabbed. But if you know how to play off of normal sheet music, than there you go.

Tabs confuse me, sheet music is what we were looking for thx, we just tried “The place i’ll return to someday” with bass, two gutars and although it wasnt much drums too :stuck_out_tongue: it sounded cool.

A Gutar eh?

You should listen to the Black Mages or the Minibosses. I’m pretty sure they cover Final Fantasy music. I bet you can find them on Kazaa or something.

Why not buy one of the sheet music… are you that strapped for cash?

i’m used to using tabbs they’re much eaisier i find. sheet music you can find usually any where or you could buy it off the internet!

The Black Mages isn’t a group, it’s an album put out by Nobuo Uematsu (the FF music composer). It consists solely of FF battle themes remixed in a “hard rock” style. Apparently there’s a sequel in the works, too. And Spoony has the original in #rpgc.

I hate to be anal, Cid, but Uematsu had nothing to do with The Black Mages CD. That was the collaborative arrangement of Tsuyoshi Sekito(Brave Fencer Musashi, Final Fantasy II Remake) and Kenichiro Fukui(Einhander).

Uematsu did however, participate in the live concert that was held on april of last year. Uematsu and Fukui were both keyboardists, Sekito and another(name escapes me) were guitarists and there was a drummer I believe.

Wow. No one mentioned www.gamingforce.com yet.

Go to their fourms, and look around their music fourms. They should have a thread with SHITLOADS of sheetmusic you can download. You have to be a member to get it, though.

I mean, SAGA FRONTIER sheets! C’mon! That’s AWESOME!

Hmm… weird. I seem to recall a news post where Uematsu was promising a second Black Mages CD so I’d assumed he was behind the first one. Maybe I was mistaking him for someone else.

Sorry for necroposting, but I just saw this:


Uematsu did produce The Black Mages album, and it looks like he played keyboard on the album as well.

Producing != arranging, Cid 8P

He only watched over Sekito and Fukui to make sure they didn’t mess up. Uematsu had nothing to do with the arrangements whatsoever. And him playing the keyboards was during the live performance, which took place two months after the release of the CD.

On other news : Drakengard looks sweet !

Linky : Ohhhhhh, nice orchestral music O_o

I never said he arranged the Black Mages, I just said he put the CD out, which he did. :sunglasses:

And the page I linked to seems to say that he created the band, with him as the keyboardist, and had the concert with the same band later.

Well regardless the songs are redone quite well. I’m sure most of us can agree on that.