RPG Maker XP

Anyone tried it yet? It’s the first PC version of RPG Maker that was officially released in the US. Of course, it’s only purchasable by download, but that’s how everyone got 2K, anyway.

I had it, and tried messing around with it for a while. Never got too far, had some resolution issues, etc. Personally, I actually want to make a game, but I think way too grandly to actually get anything done, so I lose interest quickly. If you have the time and commitment to make a full game, it’s pretty cool.

I’ve been using it for a while now. I find it infinitely superior to the previous installments with the exception that it is lacking a default world map. There are, however, many nice looking ones that you can get on line.

The graphics are amazing as well, I was really suprised by how much the battle animations have improved in that single leap from the last one. Although they aren’t side scroll any more, they do seem to flow a lot better.

Same as all the above, here, except that I have the sole complaint that you can’t, y’know, pause a BGM, play another one, and then resume the previous BGM where you left off. Y’know, like “map-tune stops. Battle begins. Victory fanfare. Map tune starts where it left off” like it does in every Final Fantasy since I think 5 or 6. 's not a BIG complaint, though.

I’ve tinkered with XP a bit before. Nothing serious. It’s definately harder to use than the older versions, but if you can get the hang of it, it’s quite fun.

Of course, the biggest problem with it is that, aside from music and sounds, it’s harder to upload custom reasources that fit. This is a problem that - to a lesser extent - 2k3 had, with its battle character sprites.

You know that I like 2k3 for the battles sprites. 2k?

Either that or you edited theses sprites since you needed a…


You know, I’ve always wanted to get one of the RPG Makers, but I never have.

Having never used any of the previous programs(games?), would I have a real hard time using the new one?

Do I need a degree in programming to even bother with RPGM XP?

Nope, like other the RPG Makers, it take out the actual Programming in code. You still have to tell it what to do, but it is in more or less Plain English, It has GUI and where possible WYSIWYG interface in the editor. If you’ve played with the map maker software on Starcraft or Warcraft and a few others. You pick it up in hours. I’d look at a demo/freeware game if you find one in the editor.

The “events” are done by lists of commands you pick from a menu, which are not programming. (click a button that says “Text box” and then type it in; click a button that says “call shop” and pick items from a list, etc).

If you want to alter things like the menus and other crap like that, you need to adjust the “scripts”, which are programming.