Rpg Maker 2003

I can’t remember where I read this but it was in one of the threads. Anyways I was just wondering Rpg Maker 2003 is legal or not because from what I remember reading someone said it wasn’t.

Heck if I know, Don Miguel did his fancy work on it as well. If that helps any then I did my part. I do know that it’s hard to find a working copy to download…

However, RM2K4 (or 2k5? dunno which) is on it’s way, with more layers to play with, and beautiful 32-bit battle animations. However, the fights have reverted back to Dragon Warrior style… >_<
So we dont get to see our little chibi heros on the screen doing their “awsome” anymore.

Its RM2K4 I like the dragon warrior style of gaming because you don’t have to wait to fight
Anyways i’ve already got RM2k3 I got it right when it came out. Do you know when the 2k4 full version comes out.

OK, so in Japan, the game is called “RPG Maker XP” not RM2K4, as I just found out.

And on a better note: An official demo of RMXP!!!


I know, you love me.

And so I just finished playing it… and let me say this. OMFG this is going to be great!

Bare in mind that this is a Japanese demo so you probably will have lots of blank things that you dont understand. However, I was able to make a map, set the start location (right click then click the S one) and make a battle. Just use general previous knowledge of RM2K3 and you’ll be able to do the same.

The battles look badass, btw, even though they arent sidescroll battles.

It’s illegal, man. You’re running warez in your machine.

Just so everyone knows, and so that this thread doesnt get banned. Ren is referring to RM2K and RM2K3, the full translated programs put on the net for download. However, the site I linked to is hosting a FREE DEMO of RPG Maker XP (the latest installment) so please dont mod this thread.

I was just answering to hawk’s question, but yeah, you’re right.

Can you decide which style of combat to use in RPGMXP, or are you stuck with that sucky one where you see it from the abck of your chars?

From what I’ve seen, it’s something your stuck with. I think it shows the characters on the bottom, they’re status at least, and a portrait in the background of that. You can choose how you want the portraits to be, I think, but besides that, it’s back to the drawing board.

I may be wrong though. Besides, after all, as you said, all that stuff is basically illegal. Just illegal, no basically about it. Sigh Of course, I’m just the sap to stop playing it at all mostly because of that.

Yep, I’m right, too bad. You can check it out yourself by looking at the link Izlude gave out. The only difference is putting character images at the bottom.

The downloadable versions of 2k and 2k3 ARE warez, sorry to say. I’m hoping that XP will be officialy translated.

Oh, and a word of advice: Avoid RPG Maker for the PSX like the plague. It redfines the word “suck”.

So I’ve heard, or should I say, so it looks.

I’m not really in to that anyway. RM2K and such are a lot better because of the community involved…depending on which community you go to anyway, some really are terrible. Being able to put the game on the internet and such…compared to just being able to show it to yourself and maybe your friends? No thank you, illegalness is morally wrong, but RPG Maker is so wrong…it may as well be illegal.

Kind of figures, the legal thing is the thing that sucks…

Mullen, I understood every single word you said, but I’m still not sure what your post means.

He meant that the ability to post RPGs you made onto the internet is better than being limited to just showing it to your’ friends (as is the case in the PSX RPGM). He also said that it sucks that its illegal, and is the main reason why he hasnt gotten into the PC RMs. I personally don’t see whats wrong with it if they never officially released it here, but to each his own views.

And I havent tried RPGM myself (though I just got my hands on a copy of RM2k3), but is RMXP really limited to Dragon Warrior style? I’m sorry, but I can’t stand that style of viewpoint!

We need to start a petition to get it translated to english.

The biggest sucky thing about the PSX version was how LIMITED it was. With RM2k, you can import you own graphics and sound and stuff, and you can do SO MUCH MORE. With RMPSX, you had an EXTREMELY limited selection of graphics and options.

And have you ever tried writing decent dialogue without a keyboard?! It’s not fun!

Ok I made a petition the only problem is its not posted yet i’m not sure how long it’ll take to get online. When I do would it be possible to get it stickied.

I cant say about getting it stickied, but when was the last time an online petition worked?

…actually, petitions probably do affect marketting decisions at least a little. But I have not once seen a company actively accept an online petition. But best of luck either way.

Hawk, the purpose of petitiononline is to poke fun of people who post petitions there. None has ever been taken seriously.

Oh well if i would have known that then i wouldnt of made it

Right, and they’re especially not going to take people seriously who say things like “wouldn’t of” instead of “wouldn’t have.”

The fact that people offer the program for free when it’s still being sold commertially make it warez, not the translation. The reason there hasn’t been any official translations is because the company knows it’d be a pretty bad buisness decision, as most people would either already have the unofficial translation, would pirate the official warez, and no one would buy it because the demographic that is actually using the program probablty have no money, because they’re stuipid kids.