RPG Maker 2003 Help

Would anyone be willing to teach me how to do events stuff? :frowning: I’ve been reading all the tutorials that I can find but I can’t seem to understand basic stuff, like what switches and variables, are…I just need to know how to get started I’ll be fine. This is distressing, and ruins my plans to make my own rpg :frowning: Please don’t make me cry. Let me ask you questions, or direct me to an RPG Maker for Dummies because I am having a hard time and it makes me sad.

Contact me on AIM and I will help you. Though you may want to tinker with 2000 first…it’s a lot less complex, and a lot easier to find reasources for.

All of my info is in 2003…ah well. I’m coming over, baby!

If the threads from “Rasts Lair” are still alive, check them out. Alot of questions similar to yours got asked, and were answered well.

that’s what I was thinking too. It’s still up, so I should mosey about. I wish that Prince fireball dude would come back, or whatever his name was.

Maybe this site can help. Follow the links.


Been there, done that. Haha thanks.

Contact me on aim, and get the forgotten e-book. Events stuff is basically the same in rpgmaker 2000/2003/XP .
Also, knowing a little about programming (pascal, just for the basics) might be useful too so you learn about fork conditions/ if-then-else- cases, labels and variables.

Actually, XP works quite differently from 2k or 2k3, compairitvely speaking. It’s pretty tricky to use, and even trickeir to find custom reasources for, but what you CAN do with it is really nice.

And I still prefer 2k. It’s simple to use, yet still has a bunch of nice things you can do with it, and is teh easiest of the three to get reasources for. The only feature I wish it’d have that 2k3/XP has is the increased HP/MP limits.

Actually, you can extend all values in rm2k to 9999 and over, even your number of switches and items you can carry, you just need to work with variables. And it’s a lot of work, but I know how to do it. Cause I rock.
And XP isnt all that different. A nice feature is the “4th layer” though, it adds much detail and makes things a lot easier sometimes.

Let me rephrase: Increase the HP/MP limits without a custom battle system. :wink:

…oh. Well i suppose that would be possible with variables too I guess. Read it in a tut somewhere. Don’t remember where though. Looked kinda complicated.

Did you ever finish the game you were making, DT?

I’ve read the RM2K tutorials about ten times now, and I’m only beginning to grasp events and such. I’ve only made a couple basic events. And I’ve been working on my RM2k game for three months now.

There was a Dragonball Z game made with RM2K that had an awesome Final Fantasy-esque battle system. Well, worth picking apart to learn how it works and make your own.

I haven’t used any rpg makers in years, so I can’t be of much help, but I agree with whoever said learning a little of a programming language helps. If you already know C/C++ fairly well you might want to give VergeC++ a try.

Interestingly enough, last year a friend of mine was teaching me some C++, and I noted some remarkable similarities between it and RPG Maker. I’d be willing to bet that some form of C++ is what the RPG makers were coded in…or at least 2000.

And truthfully, I learned a lot of the basics just by messing around. Once you get switches figured out, it gets easier from there.