RPG Jeproady!

Gemini Note: About Time I started something nü, so here it goes!

Part 1: Introduction of the players and categories:

Gemini arranged the cameras at the studio, getting ready for RPG Town’s favorite game show, RPG Jeproady. The three contestants were in the backroom, cramming on stuff about the RPG’s they were never in, and Alex Trebek was getting ready to be a star host.

When it was 6:30, Joey went up to the Press Box, getting ready to make the announcements. He had stated:

“Ladies, Gentlemen, and Creatures, Get ready for the show of the hour, the deadly power, RPG Jeproady! Here are today’s players: First, a noble knight who comes from a mysterious kingdon known as Baron, Cecil! Next, a programmer in her 20’s on her way to 2nd Miltia, Shion! And our returning champion, whos cash winnings total up to at LEAST a Billion gil, and I’m so tired from reading his name, Cid! Now, here is our host, Alex Trebek!”

Alex walks up to his podium, with his notecards getting ready to start the show. He told the players the rules, and the do’s and dont’s of the game. He hd told the contestants that there would be 5 RPG Related Categoies to choose from, and 1 non-RPG Category. He stated the Categories in this order:

Famous RPG Heroes
Leveling Up
RPG Moments
Location Names

Alex started off with Cid, since he was the champion, so he picked the l337 Category. The quote was


Cid struggled, and guessed, " What is Viv j 4?"
"No, it’s “What is Ninja?”

Cid had trouble with leet, so he struggled during that question. Not knowing leet could lead Cid to his downfall, but he could always replace himself with another Cid, so he would win every time. In the back room, several Cids were partying, drinking beers, beers, and beers. They were interchanging with the Cid in the actual studio.

Part 1 ends here:
Part 2 coming up soon! (I hope!)

Gemini: Hey, How come Cid couldn’t speak Leet?
Joey: I OwnZored U tuday!
Gemini: Is that real Leet?
Joey: Not sure, but I changed my look for Halloween.

Nice concept, but you need more content. It’s not that this is too short of a segment (although that doesn’t do much for it either), but you are lacking a lot of description. Also, this doesn’t seem to work the same way the TV show does, since Cid didn’t have to buzz in to answer, and neither of the other contestants were given a chance to guess after he failed. The cash amount wasn’t mentioned, and while not a significant plot point, it causes difficulty in keeping track of the scores.

I was going to comment on the lack of description about which Cid was competing until you explained that it would eventually be all of them.

You need more dialouge. Reading a story about Jeopardy isn’t incredibly exciting or anything, and the dialouge would tend to be the key source of humor (that is what you’re trying for, right?).

Hopefully each question won’t be a new chapter, that could quickly become irritating. Also, the commentary doesn’t seem to fit in with the story; Jeopardy isn’t a drama. Some can be nice, but too much would change it greatly from the original idea and possibly drive away viewers/readers.

Good luck though.