RPG Classics Site

Why is the background black to the rpg classics site. There’s no pictures

The background image is blue. So the font on it is white. Therefore, incase the image doesn’t load, a contrasting font color helps.

I believe the correct answer is “because you touch yourself at night.”

I mean, I would like to fix it

The first time i visited today it was here


It said I needed quicktime

I already had quicktime. I downloaded the new version. I installed it while uninstalling my old version. It got uninstalled, but now whenever i try to install the new one, the installation ends right after it’s registering and it doesn’t install cause it said I interreupted it, even though i reboot the computer without any startup programs after I uninstalled

I also tried installing Quicktime Alternative but that doesn’t fix my problem

I played phantasy star 2 a few weeks ago which was the last time I played it while using the shrine and it was working all right. I think maybe it’s cause that’s before i updated Firefox to 1.5

Maybe I can install the Quicktime Itunes Bundle

But does Itunes spy on your computer to see if there’s pirated material, cause I have anime and stuff

No, it doesn’t. It’ll even play pirated material without asking any questions.

Itunes wont install either. The itunes/quicktime bundle

The site has a black background, no pictures. And the unfinished Quicktime Alternative file that was downloaded sits and my desktop and can’t be deleted

I really need help

I think this really does help, i’m not trying to be an ass.

format c:*.* /y


Bull shit

Steve, shut the fuck up. If you believe he should format, say it normally.

You don’t need quicktime to view the RPGC background images. From what I could piece together from your posts you’re either drunk or your system is screwed up beyond all belief.

Only reason you might need QuickTime is if the page’s background was a png and you’re using something like IE 5.0.

Thank you, Rhaka

I’m running Firefox 1.5 and it hasn’t been working well. The quickpost on Gamefaqs is fucked up, it’s shrunken to 1/10 of the length of the screen

I guess my system’s really fucked

Still, is there anything I can try? Any fixes? There’s no way I’m formatting. The Quicktime and Quickpost thing are the problems I have with firefox

You could uninstall FireFox (and its associated programs) then reinstall them. That might work if you couple it with a good virus/spyware scan.

Yeah but I gotta keep my precious settings, history, and favorites

My Firefox profile is called KaiserBasara. I dont know why i didn’t just make it default

Can’t you backup your favourites in firefox? I remember being able to copy them across from IE/whatever when you first install it, so maybe you can find a way to export them to a .txt file or something that you can load back up after the reinstall?

bookmarks - manage bookmarks - file - export

Yeah but my extensions and history wouldn’t be intact

I know there’s a way to clean install an updated version but is there such a way to clean-reinstall? I didn’t clean install the update, i think I either uninstalled 1.0 somethign and installed the update, or installed the update over it. I don’t remember. I didn’t want to go through the motions with a clean install

Or you could switch to Opera.

No thanks