RPG Classics Gary Gygax Interview Thread

Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons and Dragons, will be interviewed here on the RPG Classics Agora in a few minutes. I would like us all to ready our questions for Mr. Gygax, he is eager not to disappoint his loyal fans.

Ummm… no. Sorry. Far as April Fools stunts go, this doesn’t cut it.

Besides, only staff should try to pull April Fools jokes around here. And we didn’t bother this year.

We didn’t bother cause nothing can top the THPS2 shrine.

That’s just what you <i>want</i> us to think.

And as a point of protocol, the famous addage about “lying big” so commonly ascribed to Joseph Goebbels, doesn’t apply to April Fool’s jokes.

Really, I just think it’s proper etiquette. If you say something isn’t an April Fools joke, it really shouldn’t be. It violates to spirit of the day. Which I hate anyway.

Also, Gygax wouldn’t be that interested in us. We’re mostly Console and PC Gamers.

I hate April’s Fools. I really do. Every year I wake up, log in and see both wonderful and terrible news, my heart cries in both joy and sadness, and then I remember you north-hemisphere assholes have this tradition and slam my head on the keyboard.

I’m still angry about the Chrono Trigger sequel-to-be from last year. Or the year before that, I’m not sure.

Same here, SE. THe problem is, I’m a bit of an eccentric already, so people assume I love this day. Oh, yes, why wouldn’t I thoroughly enjoy a day where I’m encouraged to do stuff I do the other 364 days out of the year, only now the real surprise would be ruined since you expect this stuff to be done today?

I suggested you guys put a snow script on the forums or something, but nooooooooo. >:\

Well, it would have been more believable if you had said ‘a representative from the company that makes Dungeons and Dragons’ or something like that. Afterall, if whatever-company-makes Wild Arms 3 was interested in RPGClassics, you could envision whatever company(I’ve already forgotten its name) that makes Dungeons and Dragons might want to do some kind of publicity thing with RPGC. However, you can’t fool anyone by saying the founder himself.

I had Dave Arneson as an instructor for one of my design classes.

Um, I think that a Barbie Fairytopia shrine certainly would. >.>

Yeah some April Fools Jokes can be pretty cruel. Our school is putting on a production of Grease this year and we had practice for it today. The school’s drama teacher is a really good actor and everyone loves her. So we started practice with a prayer and as we are all in a serious mood she says this.
“I have an announcement to make. It really won’t affect the seniors, but I thought you all should know. I won’t be coming back next year. I talked about it with my family and I thought that you guys should have someone better than me. I plan on going back to college and becoming an actress. It has been great and I would like to thank you for all the great memories and allowing me to pull off my first April Fool’s joke in my 24 years of living.”
People were on the verge of tears when they she said she wouldn’t be coming back and we were all really pissed at her.

You just had to kill it, Val, didn’t you! ;_; You just had to kill it!

If I hadn’t stopped it there, some forum “veteran” would have stopped by instead, and been a lot more aggressive/assholish than I was. And frankly, I think I made the better choice.

Also, I hate you all, and I hate the bands you like. Go die in a ditch somewhere.

Wow. you’re like sooo mainstream.