Royally pissed off

Found out the AC adapter on my Nintendo DS ain’t working anymore. Its barely a week since I bought it.
Unplugged it and checked it myself, the whole cable was being gnawed on to death. Damn cat.

She deserved that cold shower. Serves her right. Unplug my comp, thats okay. Destroy my AC adaptor, yer out.

That darn cat! :thud:

Ask Nintendo for a replacement.

Yea, they’re usually really nice about replacements. Even if it isn’t their fault.

Ask Pierson for a replacement.

I could. But that’ll take a month. Call me rich, but I’d rather get another for what, 15 bucks, right away.
Beside, chances are kitten will shred this one too.

I thought you were on welfare.

Sell the kitty to a Chinese restaurant. I am so going to hell

Fuck yes. They replace whole DS’s with dead pixels if you send them back. They replaced my Golden Sun instruction book after I just phoned up and asked. Arrived two days later. No questions, just quick service.

Damnit man I’m a plumber not a machine gun.

The correct term is more of was.
Its not like 15 bucks will make much a difference in the budget.

No hurt cat!

Believe me, cold showers are a way more efficient way to teach her what not to do than actually hurting kitty. >_>

Do you happen to have the charger for the SP? that one works also if you didn’t know, and yeah, like someoen already said, ask for a free replacement, I doubt it will take a month, my replacement only took a week :smiley:

See, thats why you put it in a place where the cat can’t get it or close the door to the room it’s in so you won’t have to whine about it on the forums.

I’ve never let my cat near ANY of my gaming devices, after she ruined my SMB3 game (I was inches, INCHES, away from beating Bowser when she rubbed her head against the reset button). It’s not as bad as chewing through a cable, but I wouldn’t put that past her, either.

I never had trouble with my dogs, although the ape I like to call my mother did give me some trouble before I made it clear that my bedroom is forbidden territory. Have you got any idea how it feels to see FF8’s Omega Weapon crack and fade after a nearly impossible battle only to watch the power go off because my mom stepped on the cable?

My cat’s chewed through both my scanner plug and internet cable. Now I make sure no cables are near the floor, so this doesn’t happen again. Although one of my other cats keeps attacking the cables in the back of my computer while she sits on the printer…
Kitties like wires.

Or you could provide him with enough plushies and mittens to keep him busy away from the wires. Mine’s yet to gnaw through a single wire, although, he has consumed three plushies and five mittens.