Routers and Printers....

Ok, so I got a wireless broadband router so that both my brother and myself could use the modem hooked up to “my” desktop for internet access. It works perfectly, but I’d like to know if I could somehow set things up so that the printer attached to the desktop can be accessed from my bro’s laptop in the other room. If you can help me out, I’d be grateful. :slight_smile:

You’ll need to activete Printer Sharing on the Desktop PC, and then Get the Laptop to connect to it.

You will need Both Windows disks and Printer Disks. I am assuming you’ve got on the Printer PC/desktop:

Windows (I’m wrote it for XP/ But works for ME- I’ve made laptop instuctions work for 95 to XP)- Use an admin account, These settings can only be changed with it. Run Home Networking Wizard, There should be an opion to Let the printer and/or folders be shared, after how do you connect to the internet option (Which should be set to “I connect to a router…”). If you are Not Running XP (and is on Desktop) on the other PC’s and It has not got drivers, DO add the Instaltion Drivers (From relevant disks). The Desktop Networking wizard may ask to share the settings on to floppy if you want do so. If it need to reboot let it. When it finnished, Just make sure PC and Printer is on.

NEXT: On the Laptop, My Network Places/Network Nabourhood(98 only) -> The Enire Network -> Destop PC -> Right Click Printer -> “Add to Printers” follow another Wizard again. Check the Printer settings on the Laptop if they read “//Nameofdestop/nameofprinter” (Your setting will have the name of Printer and PC accoss the Network). And do a test Print (Reminder that to select “Network Printer”). It should Print…

It looks messy here but is quite easy on ME and XP.

I’m not exactly sure of what you just said, butter, but I managed to extract enough from that to get it working. Thanks. :slight_smile: