Router question

So I am sitting the computer up in my room. My mom wants got a router so we can have DSL with both computers. Do we need to connect a phone line or something to the two comps? Or what do we do?

I drew a picture, because i’m cool:

<img src=“”>

A: This is where you internet comes from, the telephone pole. Its a standard analog catv connection cable. You can’t do anything with this except plug it into B.

B: This is your Modem. You plug the line from the outside into this.

C: This is your new router, you need to buy one of these. It splits the internet connection into two (or more) wires, so that you can use it on two computers. :smiley:

D: This is you on RPGC in your room.

E: This is your mom talking to me online. :wink:

F: This is me. I’m a computer wizard. No, i really am.

1: This is a CAT5 or RJ45 cable. Its like a phone line, except it is bigger. It is the wire that runs from your router to your computer. You can buy it at any hardware store, or it may come with your router. It is affectionatly known as an “Ethernet” cable.

2: This is your mom’s CAT5/RJ45.

3: This is a short CAT5/RJ45 that will run from your modem to your router. You may already have this connected to your PC.

4: This is a crazy-powerful fiber optics analog line that only your ISP’s tech support guy should ever touch. It’ll fuck you up.

Dev, you missed ure calling. But very well done. couldnt have done it better.