Rountree was sentenced to 12 years

I love old people, they’re funny.

For a split second I thought it was our Rountree :hahaha; .

Oh dear… Rountree… west Texas.

Might be a distant relative, like… relating to my great uncle. =p

You know, they could have just kicked his cane away. Good luck making your getaway when you can’t walk.

Wow, 92, and still able to rob banks. Good for him.

Man,i wish i have that kind of energy when im that old.

Certainly gives the grandchildren something to brag about.

My grandad is so tough he robbed a bank at the age of sixty.
Oh yeah, mine is so tough he robbed a bank at the age of ninty-two. Yours is a wuss!

What a cool guy.

Those cell phone commercials with the elderly people must be getting them all riled up. Just like colored chalk does to school kids.

A 12 year prison time? Isn’t it kind of useless? I mean, he’s 92, how much longer is he gonna live?

Never underestimate the lifespans of grumpy old men.

The good die young.

The grumpy live too bloody damn long.

He was “escaping” at less than 40 miles an hour…

He’s done what I wanted to do when I got old. eyes sparkle

Wow, I hope I’m that spry when I’m 92. O_o

This reminds of that recent South Park with the old people.

Originally posted by Cless Alvein
He was “escaping” at less than 40 miles an hour…

hahaha typical old person.

At this point in his life, he probably didn’t care anymore. He was probably strapping on his Depends and then looked at himself in the mirror and stopped. ‘Wait a minute,’ He thought to himself. ‘I’m putting on a fucking diaper. To hell with this. I’m going to rob a bank.’