Rough Rain

Geez… It’s pouring over here… and the drops hit so hard I’d expect they’d eventually break the glass from our windows… Sorry for sounding ignorant, but it’s the first time I see this bad of a rain storm O_o I’m not scared, but rather amazed at what mother Nature throws at us at times O_o

I was on the computer yesterday during a tornado, I’m just fine.

I like weird weather for reasons like that. CA’s boring 8\

I would love to have some rain around here, it’s so hot.

Being a Floridian, I consider that kind of rain pretty normal. Over here we dont consider it a storm until its at least a hurricane.

Guh, I wish it was raining here. :confused:

Yeah, it seems like you people from NB got the rain that we got today. I was on my way to my aunt’s cookout and it started raining so bad that I could of sworn that the glass was gonna break. I think a crack did appear it it though, which figures. I had to pull off the side of I95 until it calmed down a bit.

Heh. Come down here during tornado season and you’ll probably get so many thunderstorms, you’ll wish you live far away from it. :slight_smile: Get them all the time.

Maine rarely gets Tornados and Earthquakes, and hurricanes once in a while. An occasional thunderstorm or two. We do get blizzards like no end though :slight_smile: And who can forget the Ice Storm of '99?

Rain is lovely, unlike the sun.

And over in Arizona, the only thing we get is the occasional heat wave…

Well we’ve been in a heat wave for like two weeks… either that or it’s just going to be the hottest summer we’ve had in a long time. But it’s hotter than I care for, I prefer being cold.

A cooling rain is nice every once in a while. It really feels good to go out and breathe it in a little when it rains. Or stay inside and leave the windows open…

Meh - I had to stand guard duty for five hours last week during a tropical storm. By time it was over I was soaked from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

Rain is neat as long as I don’t have to stand in it.

Originally posted by Dark Knight
Being a Floridian, I consider that kind of rain pretty normal. Over here we dont consider it a storm until its at least a hurricane.

Well said, though it’s been both a heat wave and downpour in our area.

Hmmmmm it’s raining here right now. Not very strong, but very much :confused: And it is flooding the streets. Fun

Rain is no fun when you have to walk 2 miles to work during a downpour… 3 days on the trot >.< I should know what I’m talking about, coming from the country of rain- I think it was summer 2001 it rained so hard it actually blasted away half our lawn, leaving sand in it’s wake (no, seriously).

Some parts of south Texas(where I live) are flooded pretty badly. Neat, eh?

i live in the UK and there’s not that many tornados or violant storms over here. even though it rains a lot i guess i’m kinda lucky

It rains pretty much all the time here ^^ England is a very grey country. Although at the moment, it’s quite warm out, which makes for a nice change.