Rouge Galaxy Quest Thread

Has anyone gotten or tried Rouge Galaxy yet?

What’s Rouge Galaxy? (And are you sure it isn’t Rogue Galaxy? I don’t honestly don’t know)

Er, and that was in reply to one of your posts Killmore. Rogue doesn’t mean the same as rouge.

Huzzah! I’ve been quoted. This is my first step towards being a literary giant. :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked Rouge Galaxy, though. Especially the part where you swiftly bypass the line in Wal-Mart so that you can run off with said rouge and store it in your secret rouge box (with all the rouge). I really enjoy being a secret rouge agent.

Originally posted by Myself
Has anyone gotten or tried Rouge Galaxy yet?


Yes, yes I meant Rogue Galaxy. Okay!:ulty:

Also I going to edit the title so that people will know what I’m talking about everything else will be left alone (I’m big enough to adimt my mistakes. X0 )

I was thinking of getting it myself soon but unfortunately I haven’t heard much about it except that it was out. Btw, I’m left wondering did this game also use the Star Wars story template as a cop-out? (like FFXII >_<)

Now if you’ll excuse me “does the stayed up too late last night excuse followed by the should of checked the synonyms then runs away and leaves behind a smoke screen in the form of a note asking if I wanted any rouge with the reply of Off Course”:runaway:

ninja edit; Apparently I can’t seem to be able to edit the title (Double Casts DOH!!) so bear with the fact that I ment Rogue.

Let’s repeat step one.

I liked that Jaime Bond bit.