Rondo of Blood now on VC

And I mean the TG-CD version and not that butchered SuperNES port.

I’m surprised nobody’s made a thread about this yet?

Unfortunately, like every other VC release of a Japan-only game, expect no localization efforts whatsoever. If you want to understand the plot of the game, you’re better off looking at the PSP remake or find and download a translated patch or a romhack of the game.

I’m not. I barely heard of it. But then again, I’m clueless on most things. Did you know the tooth fairy isn’t real? Exactly my point.

That’s good news. I didn’t use to be much of a CV fan, but then I seemed to play more and more of the games until I finally consulted the wiki to see which ones I was missing. Still not that maso to play the NES games though.


With that said, Rondo of Blood was the Castlevania game that bridges the game styles between the old-skool platformers of the NES and SuperNES eras and the Metroidvania’s of the PSX era and beyond. It’s big thing was that you could find hidden paths and find keys to rescue maidens which in turn changed the ending and even how you played through the game (as one of them was playable once you rescued her).

Also SotN was the sequel to this game so if you ever wanted to know more about Richter Belmont or Maria Belenades then…uhn…play the PSX remake since the VC version will most likely be in Japanese.

@Rigmarole: CV2 isn’t that bad of a game (it actually has some very primitive versions of some of the ideas used in the later Metroidvanias), but you’re going to need to use a guide or walkthrough as the game outright lies to you (to the point where the Engrish version is actually more comprehensible than the Japanese one even if you’re fluent in both languages).

Thanks for clearing that up. I’m not as passionate a CV fan as others, though when I do play them, I enjoy them thoroughly, which makes me wonder why I don’t play them more often. So that explains why I’m not as familiar with non-US/under the radar CV titles.

It came out for PS? When? In the US?

I don’t see how they can expect people to pay 9 dollars (or any amount of money) for something they can’t read though, talking about releases of Jap language games. But if people do, more power to them I guess.

PSP, about two years ago, under the name Castlevania Chronicles: Dracula X.

Considering the alternatives for playing the game are the $15 PSP version, paying a bloody fortune for a rare copy of the Japanese original, or emulating it illegally, it’s not that bad of a deal. Besides, there’s not that much text to begin with, and it’s a Castlevaina game so the plot’s not that big of a deal (you’re basically a dude in blue and white cracking skulls and saving blonde girls), also, you’re not completely screwed if you know some German as there’s some of that in there too.

Also I guess I should mention this now but it’s a step up in difficulty compared to other Castlevania games at the time thanks to enemies being highly animated with different patterns and such compared to the tanky Richter Belmont.

I remember laughing at the Angry Nintendo Nerd’s Video where he has to cast a spell (?) or something equally random at a cliffl to get past it, so the advice is probably good. On the other hand, I have played the Game Boy games when I was little and if I remember their difficulty accurately, maybe I should try CV III. How much harder can it be?

If it’s the original GameBoy games then you’re in luck since the GB Castlevania’s were terrible pieces of crap (the second one being noticeably better but still crap) and difficult as hell.

Also CVIII is a good game and both Alucard and Grant make it easier thanks to bat saves and wall climbing respectfully.

Yeah, it was them. If you lost a life, you were SOL unless you found a new upgrade ten steps down your path, as it was impossible to progress in the later part of a stage without any upgrades.