Ronald MacDonald Robs Wendy's

No, seriously.

I saw that on Keith Olbermann tonight. That’s pretty damn funny. :smiley:

So “Hey, it could happen!” IS true!

…lol. Oh, the irony.

One would expect it to be the Hamburglar. :frowning:

I always knew McDonald’s was into crimes.


Irony rocks.

Ha ha ha ha!!!

I’ve never trusted Hamburglars anyway.

Thats just too funny.

Dude. This is like, majorly krutzed up.

Ronalds true face is revealed…

One time on Jackass, one of the guys dressed up as the Hamburgler and would run through the drive thru and take peoples food.

I’m strangely amused by how close I live to where this happened.

In a related story, The Burger King killed my parents.

And he had that creepy smile on his face the whole time…

Reads articie.

This is funny as hell.

Ronald looks better with the make up on.

Off topic: do you think anyone told birdie what the chicken nuggets are made off?