Romantic poems/love songs

Urk is right. It may not be as “good”, but it will mean alot more to him. Also, be sure to give him sex. Good sex.

Ah haha now I am torn between writing a long crappy poem and dedicating a lot of better ones to him… ::dekar!::

Although your suggestion sounds much better WM. Hoo boy.

EDIT: I just got the idea of a poetry notebook…compiling a lot of poems and self written poems in one notebook over time and then giving it to him later on…ooh you guys are my inspiration.

Good luck with the boyo. You’re an excellent example that some board nerds can lead successful lives after all. ^.^

Yeah, I’ve actually been keeping a thing like that were I just spout random feelings and poems into a notebook for about a year now. I recently had the idea of maybe giving it to my girlfriend at some point.

Damnit Maz, I was trying to remember Yeates when I posed the sonnet. All I could remember was War Poetry, and I remembered that Yeates is classified as such but never really fought in a war or anything.

Damnit :frowning: