Romancing Saga, Scorn

Okay, So My characters have an average hp of 200, the average defense of their equipment is 45 or so. I got four characters, Jamil, Guella, Claudia, and Grey. My stats are mostly 15-20. And I simply can’t beat Scorn at Twin Moon temple. I must do decent damage to him, but he just kills my characters in one hit and I can’t keep up. Is it possible for me to beat him at this point, or should I just do some other quests and come back when I’m stronger?

…what game? There’s alot of SaGa games out there, I can think nine titles on the top of my head.

Romancing Saga was re-released for PS2, Z.

Yeah, It’s Romancing Saga 1 for ps2, thought it was kinda obvious.

I was not aware of rerelease, could have been any of the 3 SNES SaGas, one of the earlier SaGas, some wierd reference to SaGa Frontier or Unlimited SaGa.

Well, considering that the three Snes RPGs are called Romancing Saga, Romancing saga 2 and Romancing Saga 3, i’m sure you’d have at least been able to narrow it down to those three.

It’s possible but at least get a 5th character before you keep trying and buy healing magic for everyone.

'k, I’ll try that. Any suggestions as to when a better time to try this boss would be?