Romancing saga 3

Has anyone found that town with wood in it and how did u get their im so frigging confused on how to get their help if possible thank


No idea. I’m still trying to patch the damn thing >_<

I’ve got the ISP, the ROM, the Snes tool and it still doesn’t work.

that would be justerm.

a detailed walkthrough:
from mules, you can take a ship to zweig. talking to people there will reveal where kidlanto is. from there, you can take a ship to justerm.

did that help?

<img src=“”> Go check the Shrine

If you’re having problems with the patch, I suggest you get ZSNES and give similar names to the patch and ROM.

For example, if the ROM’s file name is Romsaga3.smc or Romsaga3.fig, or whatever, rename the patch file to Romsaga3.ips and load the ROM on ZSNES. If the file names have been adjusted as I described, ZSNES will automatically apply the patch when the ROM is loaded.

Speaking of RS3, how do I open that furshlurginner ancient cave? I’m playing as Mikhail, went through the thieves cave and talked to everyone in the two fueding towns (Farce and the other one) The old lady just whines about her brother and the old man whines about his sister. I’m starting to suspect I need higher levels, my hp is around or 400. That’s exactly what I need the ancient cave for though. And if I need to level up, where the heck can I do that, it seems like I’ve cleared all the later areas.

o to open the cave go through the theives cave once again and fight this dumbass demon at the end and it opens :enguard: