Romancing SaGa 2

This is a thread to talk about RS2. So I can learn more about it. One thing that worries me is generations. It sounds like I’ll only have one shot chances to use many characters. Sort of like SF2.

Still hopefully there will be a full English version soon. One way or the other. Of course the more legal way would require a remake of the game on say PS or GBA in Japan.

Just say anything that comes to mind. Enlighten us. Or maybe it would be better to have this as a general Romancing SaGa thread.

I’ll worry about later. I have a relative over. I just decided I should post something so no thinks I’m dead…


Gideon Zhi is actually translating Romancing SaGa 2 so we’ll probably see a release of that sometime after Rudra is finished. As for the generations, I’ve only heard bits and pieces of it really, and it doesn’t sound exactly like the SF2 one. It seems that you can keep using the same characters as long as they aren’t permanently killed off.

Anything that comes to mind, huh? :slight_smile:
Well, I guess the game kind of starts out as a flashback. It opens in the pub in Avalon. A child pulls the Bard out into the center of the room. Everyone turns their attentions towards him. He begins to tell the tale of Leon, an Emeror of Avalon. Also, you might not notice, but you see that guy/girl in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, sitting at the edge of the bar? That’s the Last Emperor, the person you’ll be using as your main character for the last stretch of the game.
Anyway, so we go to a flashback in the sealed cave in the year 1000. Leon is explaining to Gellard that they will be fighting in the Imperial Cross formation. He tells Terese, Bear and James which positions to take in the formation and then they depart…

Not particularly useful, but its all I could think of to post :slight_smile: