Roguelike games...

…a lot of people have touted Nethack as the most awesome thing since awesomeness, but I’d just like to say that I think that ADOM is the best fucking roguelike game ever! Woo! (I’m a trollish archer… yeah, I know I know <_<; )

Anybody else have some favorite roguelike games you like to play? What classes/races do you like in the various games (BTW- in Nethack I very much enjoy Dwarvish Archaologists… call me strange :-P).

Slashem is pretty fun. Its really simple and easy, but its a refreshing break when you’re aggravated at nethack.

Don’t know where to find it, i got it off IRC. =\


I bounce back and forth between slashem and nethack. I tried adom a while back, but I never get very far before deciding that I need my tileset.

I mostly play Samurai, though gilgamesh has taught me an appreciation for the dwarven archeologist.

Kick arse!
I’ve been play ADOM since I was 7!! And always loved it! I only just recently got into Nethack, and it’s alright, but unduely difficult.
Although, I probably can’t talk so much about Roguelikes being hard, I’ve never even been able to get past having only the Fire Orb in ADOM… hmm, but nice shit!


Yeah, Nethack is uber, uber hard. That’s what’s so fun about it though, admittedly, it frustrates the Hell out of you.

True, which is what I can’t get over… REALLY fun game! Just maybe a little excessively hard. But that’s just the style eh?


Using the same character over and over is the absolute best way to get stuck in a rut and never advance. Every single time I hit a wall and reached a certain level that I simply not could get beyond I broke new ground by choosing another character. Try going random, you might be suprised at the results.

I do that on occasion, but I usually grab samurai when I first start going on a nethack kick, and lately those have only been lasting for a run or 2. Most of them end with either a spectactularly bad death and a bones file to be dreaded for months to come, or slipping up and getting chopped in half during the quest, at which point I generally find something else to do. I haven’t made a serious attempt at progressing farther since last summer, so I mostly just play the class I like the best whenever I do play.

Sadly, my high-score isn’t with one of my archeologists, but an orcish barbarian called ‘Angry’ I played as when I was messing around after a few months of not playing. And I beat my top score by double too.

My archeologist falls third, and amazingly, I think 8th or 9th is a tourist.