Rodney Dangerfield dead at age 82

This is particularly sad for me because he was one of my favorite comedians. You will be missed.


The name and face are kinda familiar…what would i know him from? Its sad when people we look up to die.

Back to School
Little Nicky

Just to name a few

Geez. Wizardmeister’s giving him no respect. NO RESPECT.

I always loved this guy, and I am sad to see him go. Here’s hoping he finnaly gets a lil’ respect in the hereafter.

Raise your glasses, friends…for Rodney! :toast:

May he rest in peace Mr. Rodney Dangerfield a.k.a. Wally Sparks a.k.a. Thornton Melon a.k.a. Al Czervik.

/me raises glass

great comedian. he will be missed.

Tonight, I will dediicate my first glass to Rodney Dangerfield.

And I still get no respect.

I’ll always remember him for his brief stint as Mr Burn’s son.


He lived a long and what looked like happy life. May he rest in peace.

Damn…Rodney was great.

It’s a shame, he’ll be missed for sure.

If it’s any consolation, I respected you Rodney. You made me smile since I was a child. Rest in peace old fella.

Despite his “No Respect” routine, Dangerfield WAS respected by a lot of people, including many of his peers in the Comedy business. I always liked him for embodying the frustrated person inside us all.

Rest in Peace, Rodney.

Rodney Dangerfield has a website too. Yesterday’s joke of the day:

"I tell ya I get no respect from anyone. I bought a cemetery plot. The guy said, ‘There goes the neighbourhood.’ "

He was 82? Are you serious? O_O

Yeah he was 82 I kid you not. “How’d ya like to make $14 the ‘hard’ way?”

To self-depricating humor :toast:
RIP Rodney.