Rocky Horror Picture Show

So yea, while I’m making this now, it’s a reminder to myself and a discussion for y’all. I went at midnight and it rocked and stuff, and I’ll do more once I come out of a coma from lack of sleep.

I saw this once. (Rented it.)

One of the weirdest things I had ever seen. :smiley:

I don’t plan on seeing it again anytime soon, though I absolutely LOVE Time Warp.

It’s one of my fave movie/theatre experiences of all times. When I saw it in theatre I went dressed as Frank. blush

So anyway, this is held in Cambridge every Saturday at midnight. Not only do they run the movie, they have actors act it out in front of the screen, and it’s really funny. Two weeks ago was my first Rocky Horror experience ever (I never saw the movie before either), and during the last part of the movie, I got a lapdance from Frank. So I really couldn’t complain then.

However, this week wasn’t a lot better for the Rocky Horror movie itself. Out of the 6 people in my row, 3 were virgins to the Show, and none of them got up for the Time Warp or anything. Stupid people.

But aaaaaaaaaafter we left the Show, we were hanging outside with like 4 or 5 other people (I had gone with like 8), when we decided to go to Bickford’s at 3:30 in the morning. I got a hood riide to one of the cars we had driven here, when we found out we didn’t know where the other one was, so we spent like 15 minutes looking for it. During that time, I got to be friends with one of the girls and she designs clothes, and she had a dress for somebody to wear but they didn’t wear it, so I took off my shirts and put that on (it was like a Tarzan thing with just the one strap). Another kid who was there was dressed up in a dress, and he was my ride to Bickford’s, so we had some conversations. :stuck_out_tongue: During the ride to the Bickford’s, I got some sparkles put on me. We got to Bickford’s, which was said to be open 24 hours, but apparently they’re not, so we spent like 10 minutes deciding upon a new place, when we settled on Dunkin Donuts. So we go back to the cars and go to Dunkin Donuts. And that’s open, thank God. So we have two guys in dresses among us and Emma (the designer) was in a schoolgirl outfit, so I guess we musta looked kinda odd. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, we order food and I ask if Emma can swallow a milk thing (the Garelick Farms milk bottle things) after I did, and she said she practiced on bananas, but sadly Dunkin doesn’t carry bananas so we couldn’t see a demonstration. :stuck_out_tongue: So we all sit down to eat when a guy comes in and he sees us and is more or like “the girl in the schoolgirl outfit is hot and WTF are you two doing in dresses?” and then asked if we had weed. I thought it was a riot. :stuck_out_tongue: And then after that, we all went home. I got back at like 5:30 or whenever I posted in the ‘Abbreviation’ thread. So that was my night. And I totally plan to go back in two weeks for School Girl Night (and yes, I will be dressing up for it).

I went to see Rocky Horror on the big screen this past Halloween at my ex-boyfriend’s college, and was extremely disappointed with the experience. Not only were there very few people there, but I was yelling callbacks and such and was repeatedly told to shut up!


COME ON! If you want to actually watch Rocky Horror, you rent it. If you go to see it in a theater, you’re there to throw shit and yell things at the screen. Damn hick towns.

I’ve never been to one of the midnight showing or others in the theatre, though I’ve seen the movie. Normally my granparents will play the time warp while my sister and I dance to it outside in the little grave yard thing they set up each year for Halloween.

Thats the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard. If you want to SEE rocky horror, go to a theatre (a real theatre, not a movie theatre) and watch it on stage. Thats the way it was originally written and meant to be seen. I live in Bellevue washington, next to Microsoft, very much NOT a hick town. I have no idea where you’ve been seeing rocky, but last time I heard, the steriotypical hick is excessively homophobic and wouldnt go near somthing like that. BTW, I grew up in Kentucky so I know how rednecks from (my homeland) hick towns act.

They got rid of it where I would go to see it.

Whoa, okay, let’s not get our britches in a twist. I was merely stating my opinion that it was pretty ridiculous for me to get shushed at a big screen showing of Rocky Horror. I meant that if you actually wanted to watch the movie (which is different than seeing it performed in a theater; I wasn’t talking about the theater experience at all as I’ve never seen it that way), then you shouldn’t come to a big screen showing because you won’t be able to hear what’s going on with all the callbacks.

The last sentence was merely my way of stating that a place where people have never heard of the callback phenomenon must be pretty out of the loop, and since it IS a hick town, there you have it. Hicks are different everywhere you go, and there’s a difference between a hick and a redneck.

I just wanted to say it’s been years since I’ve Seen the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show. I snuck into a Broadway showing of it a few months ago and was kicked out after ten minutes…damn Times Square Public Safety…however on the topic of Broadway, I saw a slew of Broadway actors/actresses sing songs from different shows(including the Time Warp) in Bryant Park. And I changed my avatar…someone else was using the exact same Frog that I was.