Rocky Balboa

Werll, I saw it today and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. It has some nice growth for the characters and it recognizes some of the skepticism of coming out now. It captures a lot of the charm of the earlier movies. It’s biggest problem is its pacing though, it’s a little on the slow side. It also remixes the Gonna Fly Now a little bit (nothing too distracting and is quite nice) by a adding a trumpet whale at certain parts, or maybe it just brings it out. It was sort of nice to look forward to a movie and not be disappointed. I looked forward to Superman Returns and was burned, looked forward to Mission: Impossible 3 and was disappointed, but this one was pleasing. It also had a lot of what I like about the Rocky movies. Overall, it was pretty good. While some story aspects aren’t completely resovled, or at least in a manner that I prefer and they are very minor story aspects.

I thought MI3 was a good movie. I’m not too much interested in this new Rocky incarnation, however I was riveted by the new Bond.