Rock n roll bitch.

It’s shocktober man.

Rocktober sounds like somthing Scooby Doo would say.



Rocktober, you rock,
Contain my birthday you do,
All hail Rocktober.

omg it’s octaltober

> od -c rpgclassics

97.4 Rock FM had a theme last year call Rocktober.

Cavelcade remembers. Go Cavelcade.

Oh yeah, that Haiku shit. You got all pissed off, because everyone else started doing it.

I remember all.
Bow down, peons.

Or not, nerd.

indeed. but it is indeed now Rocktober. Not shocktober.

Mocktober, not Rock- or Shocktober.


You’re all wrong, guys. Check a calandar, it’s October. ::dekar!::

I turn 12 in 18 days. W00t! :slight_smile:




Um, okay. Anyways, I think 4kids is doing something called Rocktober, soooo Shudders

My youth pasor says my rock and roll music will comsume my life…like thats gonna stop me, lol. ROCK ON!!! Sweet, well, in 18 days ill say happy brithday to ya Kirokori.

Shut up, you tool of THE MAN >:E.

And I second the motion. Especially since it will be my first one away from home. Cool.

Well spoken!

Remember, everyone. It isn’t Rocktober, shocktober, cocktober, or any other name that matters, it’s the feeling of fighting the man that come sfrom rock music, electric shocks, and wandering around with your genitalia hanging out, that really matters. It’s all about revolution at a prime, young point in out lives. A point from whence we all emerge as the human beings we shall be come, the innovators and revolutionaries of a generation, or those trodden upon in our pathetic attempts to maintain the statis quo. That’s what Rockshockcocktober is REALLY about.