Rockman and Forte: Uber-King

I canNOT beat King’s final form. I can’t even find the right spot to hit to hurt him! I’m playing as Forte. Can anyone help?

Also, what (if anything) is he weak against?

Before the shield’s broken you CANNOT harm him, don’t even waste your time, just dodge his shots. After a certain time and salvos a cutscene happens, the shield gets busted, and I usually cut loose with the pirate mine thingies.

No, I meant that part afterwards, where he combines the vehicals into a giant robot thing and gets inside.

On another note, after his shield breaks in the first fight, he’s vulnerable to the Lightning Bolt. That makes short quite work of him.

I don’t remember his weakness weapon on that form but i can tell you that his weakness is in his head all the way up there.Preapare to hate this boss to no end.