I’d like some suggestions for your just run of the mill regular old rock. No emo, no metal, no hardcore, nothing like that - just rock. Stuff like Audioslave, Stone Temple Pilots, Seether…

You know. Shit like that.

Queen, Iron Maiden, AC/DC?

Soundgarden might be right up your alley. Try Superunknown, and if you like that, Badmoterfinger and Down on the Upside.

I have lots of more suggestions, but I’m not sure which are “just plain rock”, because somebody might turn around and say they’re “grunge” or “alternative” or something, and I don’t want to waste my time and yours listing stuff you’re not looking for.

Magnet Monster.

Killdozer, since its hard to be lame when your listening to a band called killdozer

ren: don’t you mean monster magnet?

I had a list of groups, but lost it…and since the Underground Garage only comes on once a week, I’m fucked. That show’s the king of all garage rock shows, so…

Damage is right, I meant Monster Magnet.

The Vibrators “Pure Mania”.

Adam Ant :stuck_out_tongue:

Try these bands.
If you haven’t already, that is.

The Darkness
(Old) Aerosmith
Velvet Revolver
The Strokes
White Stripes

The Darkness is crazy humour. I specially like the imittation of Gollum in the middle of a song that has nothing to do with Gollum nor LOTR. But I wouldn’t recommend it, unless it came with a warning like “don’t pay attention to the lyrics, or use a program to remove the vocals.”

None of these sounds anything like any of the bands I mentioned. Try again.

Soundgarden is something I was looking into, got any album reccomendations? After rummaging around suprnova, I guess alternative would be acceptable as well.

The thread rocks. In fact, there’s too much rock for one hand.


Alice in Chains

[“Jar of Flies” is probably their most diverse/eclectic release. Their “unplugged” album is beautiful. Some people might find “Facelift” too ‘metal’ and “Dirt” to be too ‘grunge’. I don’t feel that way, in fact I kinda resent the albums being painted with those simple brushstrokes, but some people might think they apply, which is why I didn’t lead off recommending them, since you specifially asked for unflavored Rock 'n Roll. I think they fit.]

Appetite for Destruction by Guns ‘n Roses is almost required rock n’ roll listening.

From Autumn to Ashes. I don’t care what it’s classified as, but Short Stories with Tragic Endings has a damn good female singer… I don’t like the male singer too much, though =
Edit: of course I supply the lyrics…

The Hives?

Or just get Dirt.
Rage Against the Machine would be a good bet if you’re looking for Audioslave-like music. Hell, 3 of the members of Audioslave are former members of Rage.

Incubus, Courtney Love’s new stuff, Franz Ferdinand, those guys whose names I forgot?

I listed my album recommendations in my first post. =P

Soundgarden’s Superunknown is friggin’ fantastic. Fuck, <a href=“”>DigitalDreamDoor</a> had it as the NUMBER 1 ALBUM OF THE 90s. Not a bad choice either. And they give the honors of best rock song of the 90s to Soundgarden too (although I might want to debate this… Jesus Christ Pose is still a great song though) Speaking of DigitalDreamDoor, it’s got good information on greatest artists/albums/songs/etc. by genre/time period/etc. They’re not perfect (major bias toward 60s and 70s stuff…and where’s the love for Garbage?), but they’re pretty sane most of the time. Their top Rock Artists and Top Albums of the 90s/00s lists should give you some good suggestions on the topic at hand. Plus they rank all sorts of genres, so they can give you a good idea of all sorts of good music you may have missed.

Oh, and let me second whoever suggested Alice in Chains, particularly Dirt (and Jar of Flies if you can get into it).

And Temple of the Dog is supposed to be pretty good too. It was a band comprised of Soundgarden members and future Pearl Jam members. I haven’t had a chance to listen to their album yet though.