Rock the fuck on my friends \m/

If you’ve seen any game news sites this morning (or more ‘officially’ neversoft’s webpage, there are various rumors floating around regarding if we’re working on a Guitar Hero game. Well we are. :kissy: That’s about all I can tell you, so don’t ask for details or about the title.

Also I’m not working on it personally at this time, but I probably will be at sometime before the project ends with any luck. :biggrin:

Red Octane sold the rights to the series? Idiots.


Uh no, Activision owns Red Octane. Neversoft is another Activision studio, the rights haven’t passed anywhere.

Epic, I love you. If I may, I’d like to suggest putting in the song “Rain” by Trivium if you’re able to make such suggestions - if not, then bah. I’ve got a real guitar :stuck_out_tongue:

No, don’t put Trivium in anything. Please.

PUT IN DRAGON FORCE’S’ “FURY OF THE STORM”!! That is such an insanely difficult song. Oh my god, its not even funny how hard it is. Also, if you need another medium song, theres “The essence of us through Harmony” by Ages Gone. It’s good for the base and electric part because they are pretty independant, but its still got an pretty fast part in the middle. I think the band is disbanded, and the rights for the song are up for sale, so its probably not going to be hard to get. That last piece of info is from a signifigant other.

Next time I post in this thread I’ll have all the info…

Put in the RPGC Anthem! The anthem I say!

Fuck dragonforce.
Rinn, have some fucking fun. I swear I’d kiss you if I could :frowning:

Does Red Octane have anything to do with Hi-Octane of the days of old? Also, congratulations, that’s some nice and fun way to write your name in history.

Please tell me you’re not one of those people that hate them for sounding like Metallica on The Crusade :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I hate them because I don’t like their music. There’s some good riffs in there but the vocals really turn me off. Really really really turn me off.

Ah, ok then.

Why are you swearing? I just suggested it for being extremely hard to play.

Dragonforce riffs are pretty easy. Most powermetal is. The solos are crazy though! that’s for sure!

George Thorogood - One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer. That should totally be in the next game.

sweep picking in GH is just a green to orange scale. Dragonforce is mainly sweep and tremelo and whammy pedal

How is it decided which songs go into these games? I’ve never played, so I’m curious.

Vicki I have no idea how they’re chosen. I think they get as many less-than-popular ones that are great in there to even out the shitty ones that make impulse buyers get it (Cherry Pie, Laid To Rest, Freebird, etcetera)

Also i just found a patch you can use if you rip your DVD and then reburn it with the patch applied: <-- nfo :O~~~~
Sometimes I really hate how people ruin names of songs.

>>Freebird is currently nine words apart from shitty.
>>Triple solo attack.
>shitty:Triple? solo?
>shitty is confused
>shitty gets hit for 9999hp and gets back to
>the shit that spawned it.
>>Freebird wins!