Rock-Paper-Scissors: XTREME version

This was too good to pass up.

I fail to see how snake takes out sponge.

I don’t understand…or rather I refuse to look at all the defeat/win parts.

I tried it just now with a friend of mine, after I saw it. Gave us both a laugh.

Or how the Devil is able to defeat lightning.

Oh come on. The real mystery is how the sponge can defeat the dragon.

It’d choke on it.

It’s obviously soaking wet and thus cannot be burned by the dragon’s breath.

Or how Gun beats Fire.

… someone has way to much time on there hands.

:moogle: they forgot dynamite.

It’s a water pistol, obviously.

files this under "Just Plain Nuts

Or how paper beats rocks. That’s just stupid.

My friend and I played this, only we also had Glenn Danzig, who was the metal symbol, and beat everything. So it didn’t last too long.

How does Scissors beat Paper?

It cuts paper up. My question makes sense.

Yeah, but after it cuts the paper, you get two papers. And eventually, the scissors get dull, and crack apart and the thousands of little papers stamp the scissors’ corpse into the dust.

<3 Arac

Arac’s right you know.

And the Sorcerer’s Apprentice backs him up fully.