Robotic prothestics?

I’ve been thinking about it a lil the past few days, and I began to wonder. Now after watching full metal alchemist(it’s anime if you didn’t know) I was thinking that the principle behind auto-mail is quite sound. Thought perhaps exaggerated the idea of connecting nerves to some form of connector to allow for muscle movement through hydraulics(sp). However if one were to attach nerves to some form of electrical connector one might be able to trigger movement through a series of motors using the bioeletrical energy. Thoughts?

you could hook your hand up to a machine gun or a laser cannon.

Yes, that you could. Thoughts on if this is really possible?


They’ve already made a lot of progress on this. They’ve invented robotic arms that you can move just by thinking about it.

DUDE! I’ve always said they should make these! That would be awesome!

…oh wait. PROSTHETICS…I thought you said Robotic Prostitutes. Fuck. :stuck_out_tongue:

This stuff is already done, check this.

And the idea you called exxagerated, it isn’t.

In My eyes I see it working. The Techolgy exist (not in very pratical form yet). It appear to be “young” sceince, Meaning they are Still working out to make to some thing pratical.

There’s are “Hearing aids” that send singals to the brain.

Big Nutter
For you plug in to a computer/Robot isn’t going to happen for some time.

I agree with BN, its just a matter of increasing practicality. We’ve made it far enough with the actual concepts and functions that we are at the refinement stage, which is where it will become shinier looking and more useful.

Look at computers for example, the base concepts of computers where laid out decades ago, we’ve just been improving them and expanding their range of use. Its the same here. We have the big clunky, damn shy of pointless prototypes, now all we have to do is miniturize and refine.