Robot Chicken Sandwich

Robot Chicken is great. There’s always at least moment in each showing that elicits a laugh-out-loud response from me, which is more than most TV shows can boast.

One of the best scenes… oh yeah. Batman and Robin are in the Batmobile in a race. Two cops on motorbikes drive up and cut them off.

Robin: Holy gee whiz super seriously rusted metal Batman! Those two cops sure are mean!

Batman: Yes Robin, but law enforcement represents the backbone of our society.

< the cops start to moon the two of them >


Good stuff.

<B>Batman</B>: Robin, release the bat-net!
<B>Robin</B>: Gee whiz, Batman, I don’t believe in cheating!
<B>Batman</B>: Look, if you don’t want a bat-bitchslap across the face, you’ll release the damn bat-net!
<B>Robin</B>: Okay… [fiddles around with buttons] oops…
[Bat-grappling hook releases, spearing the face of Ponch (Sealab’s Erik Estrada’s character from CHiPS)]
<B>Batman, stunned</B>: Pull it in!
<B>Robin, horrified</B>: No, we couldn’t we-
[Batman pushes the button, grappling hook rips of Ponch’s head and throws it into Robin’s lap]
[Batman, distracted by Robin’s yell, veers the Batmobile to the left, car flips, Robin falls out. Ecto-1 runs over Robin, cases the Batmobile to blow up. Batmobile propels into the air… lands on Robin]

Voltron got served. :dancer: