Robot Chicken Sandwich

Who else here thinks that this is the mos innapropriate and hilarious thing ever made up by the messed up heads of the Adult Swim employees.

Family Guy + Robot Chicken = :biggrin:


Edit since Simmer flew off the handle so quickly: I’m absolutely terribly sorry, I am not entirely sure what Robot Chicken Sandwich is. Could you please elaborate without screaming at me?

…thinkin…thinking…nope…thare is no excuse at all for your utter rudeness.

That is not even what this thread is about.Mabie if you watched Adult Swim you would know, But because you obviously do not, I don’t know why you are even posting here. :noway: :no2: :moonwalk:

Maybe you should just elaborate on your threads a little instead of reveling in your own witless insults.

EDIT: I’m not sure why you’re posting here either. You contribute almost nothing constructive, you spam regularly, and your sig is random nonsense. That last part had nothing to do with anything.

For threads on certain video games or clubs I dont just post thare to find out what the hell is going on.I just leave it alone.By the way, I cant explain anything more than them as shows…Now mabieif had something to contribute to the thread (IE people who watch the shows) then I would not be so hostile.But because you are being an ass because anyone who did not see the shows would have no idea what the hell I am talking about, like I already explained to you, yet you continue to piss me off and wont leave.

edit:my sig and avatar are like that because I want them to quit spamming and go. :runaway:

I am actually curious to know what you’re talking about. I’ve seen Family Guy on Adult Swim but I have no idea what Robot Chicken Sandwich is or whatever. I know I should have elaborated in MY post, so sorry about that. I still fail to see how asking is being an ass but maybe someone who thinks everyone who plays sports is stupid lives by different rules than I do.

OFX, he’s talking about the new show on Adult Swim.

Edit: You are an ass most of the time, though… >.>;

Thanks Steve. How is it? Should I check it out?

And I stopped being an ass a long time ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, I’ve never seen anyone fly off the handle so quickly. Simmer, take a chill pill.

Oh oh! Robot Chicken, my roommates were talking about that…

Yeah, I never watched it but they said it looked really fucked up… Maybe I should.

I haven’t watched it.

Oh, and Simmer…simmer down.

Yes, that was the lamest pun ever conceived. XD

<B>Giraffe on the Ark</B>: So you gave [the unicorns, dragons, cyclopses, and minotaurs] the wrong time on purpose?
<B>Noah</B>: Yeah, God hates freaks.
<B>Giraffe</B>: That doesn’t sound like something God would say…
<B>Noah</B> (Mocking Giraffe): MEH MEH MUH MUH MUH MUH MUH!

Jay-swees little man, chill.

:thud: Oohh…sorry…ahem*…blushes*

It is a show witha wierd as helll layout.It is basically a parody of all shows making them as odd and as bloody as possible.

ps I dont think all sports are not fun only football.I love soccer though.I dont see what is so great about (American) football if you are not from the USA.

It’s basically a sketch comedy show that uses toys (primarily action figures and barbies) and some claymation to represent the characters. It was co-created by Seth Green (Family Guy, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer), and it’s gotten some pretty good guest stars so far (Family Guy and That 70s Show’s Mila Kunis, Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Gellar, Dom Deluise, the entire cast of That 70’s Show). The sketches are random in nature, dealing with everything from Optimus Prime with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, to the Tooth Fairy having to take down a deadbeat dad who beats (and eventually kills) his wife. Sometimes the pace is a bit too fast, and sometimes they reach a little far for a joke, but some of it is beautiful (like Vin Diesel entering the Cannonball Run vs. Speed Racer, Night Rider, the Ecto-1, the Duke boys, and several Mario Kart racers). Definitely worth a look. Comes on Sunday and Thursday nights on Cartoon Network.

If I can get the cabling right, I’ll try to copy some episodes off of my TiVo and onto my Fserve.

Zzzzzzzzz…Zzzzzzzzzz…whaa???popyeah Mr. Saturn is much smarter than me listen to himwink

I love Robot Chicken. It’s so frantic and random and awesome.

Also, “Robot Chicken Sandwich” is a reference to the timeslot Robot Chicken is in on Sunday. There’s an ad on Adult Swim talking about the Robot Chicken Sandwich, basically, an episode of Robot Chicken sandwiched by two episodes of Family Guy.

Hey, Optimus Prime had prostate cancer, not IBS!

Robot Chicken is great. I really do get a kick out of seeing the costar list for an episode.

It’s a shame that Adult Swim is on at such a bad time. I’ve only seen Robot Chicken once, but I’d watch it again if it wasn’t on so late.

I love me some Robot Chicken. I love me some Family Guy. I find the term “Robot Chicken Sandwich” to be a horrible pun that makes me cry, but its still kind of funny. That is my two cents about this thread’s ‘topic’.

Meanwhile back in sanity land: Simmer, try not to be a total ass and piss people off. Or, if you insist on ignoring that advice, at least try to amuse poeple in the process of being a jackass. That way, only half of us hate you, and the other half will come to your defense.