Robin Hood (Crowe)

Sucks. Well, no. It was well acted, pretty to look at and the music was cool. The opening and ending credit sequences are awesome.

Oh, story? Well, it kinda slaps a bunch of things together, then doesn’t do anything with any of them. Action? The most you’ll see of action is about 20 minutes of the beginning, and 30 minutes of the end, with choppy, horribly edited sequences. For the ladies? One kiss and about 4 minutes of Crowe with his shirt off. I haven’t been this bored with a movie since Hitchhiker’s Guide.

I suggest that you watch One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. - A message from Barack Obama.

Have it. Seen it. Loved it.

It may feel slapped together because it was originally supposed to be Robin Hood told form the Sheriff’s point of view.

I bet Kevin Costner could totally kick the shit out of this new guy.