Robert Jordan dead at 58

I hated his books for the same reasons I dislike JRR Tolkien so much. I did however enjoy his books substantially more, as I read like 4 of them. This stinks, I know a lot of people who really loved those books.




Of all the fantasy authors I’ve read, Robert Jordan has influenced me most. It’s depressing that he died 11/12 of the way through such a massive series.

On the other hand, no book in the series has been better than the one before it. Most have been worse. So, I’d just as soon remember Jordan by The Eye of the World, The Great Hunt and The Dragon Reborn.

I never heard of him. Sorry to learn of him on the news of his death, though. ;_;

Btw for anyone who’s interested he had narrated the end of the story (2,5 hours) to his wife and a friend so a ghost writer will finish the series.

This gives me the impression that the last part may be vastly different in style.

From what I gather, style wasn’t his strong point anyway

Oh Man. Well, at least I won’t have to force myself to read the through all the grammatical errors and typos to get to the plot of a good book. The stories were good, writing style, ehhhh, not so much.

Glad there’s a hope about that ghost finishing the story, though.