Ro Thread, anyone?

Helm: 38,000z

Wooden Mail: 10,000z

Muffler: 5000z

Blade: 2000z

Shoes: 1500z

Chasing a Kukre around half the 2nd floor of Byalan with little health left and finding it carried loot from half a bajillion enemies when I killed it:

Priceless Actually about 40,000z’s worth. :smiley:

This game owns, and owns badly. About the only discordant note in it’s genius is the usual ‘OMG UR LVL IS LOW LUSER’ morons who populate the dungeons. Apart from that there’s really nothing wrong with this. It’s easily the best MMO I’ve ever played. :smiley: Lav my lvl 38 Swordman.:kissy: I can’t wait for the 2/2 jobs to be implemented is this close to being a Knight.

I hit something for 139160 damage yesterday with a single hit. >_>

  1. WHAT?
  2. How?
  3. Are you on anything?

Seriously though, how? I didn’t think it was possible to go over the usual 9999 limit most games have. 0_o That’s hella impressive.

I thought only Monks could break the 5 digit barriers

It’s the highest possible single hit damage on a regular spawn monster.

(well, before Juno)

I cant attach a screenshot since the board says it’s too big.

Add it to your staff folder and hot link. I can verify the validity too.

139160 Damage heh?


Sucessful Turn undead on an undead with 139160 HP? D:

Or ME?

Seriously now, you are talking about 139k Damage. I’m not gonna believe it until I see proof.

Well, the screeny I have has something in the text box that people shouldn’t see, so either I can post one that’s cut up so the text box is missing, or wait for a few days until what’s in the text box doesn’t matter anymore.

Originally posted by Sohee
I hit something for 139160 damage yesterday with a single hit. >_>

Whoa, what class/level are you?

Edit it out, duh :stuck_out_tongue:

Work damn you, file thing.

Ok, that worked.

If you want to see the entire image, I can post that in a few days, I had to cut it since PSP likes to inflate file size.

Yes, the 139160 is one solid number.

Ancient Mummy? Or just Mummy? Anyway, nice. TU. I knew it XD

It wasn’T Osiris, wasn’t it? @_@;;
Does TU works on MVP?

Ancient Mummy, with Lex Aeterna for double damage. Hell, Asura Strike can’t even match that without 99 Str and 99 Int.

XD;; and /pif @ chime

(thank you <.<)

Yesh, ro is very fun ^^

Don’t worry about those ‘high’ level people, they alll suck :stuck_out_tongue:


Well Pierson, look at the good side. If you’re level 40 and doing well and maybe even better than those high level (say, 60) folks hanging around, you’re doing oh so much better than they are.
Rock on, dude.

Heh. Thanks. I managed to get some insanely lucky breaks though, very early in the game.

Right now I’m 38/29 and still trekking around Byalan lvl2. I’m gonna get together with the rest of the guild later in the week and take on Payon 3 maybe. Also I’m trying to find a way to figure out what the hell the rare-ish items I have in the ‘etc’ actually do. I’ve got some stuff needed for forging, but no idea how to use it.:too bad;

Ask away with the forging questions, I can answer. I can probably answer the questions on your items too.

I’ve got two lots of Emveretarcon, which I know are for forging somehow, and one of Detrimindexta, which I have no clue about. I also have a Crystal Blue and four Blue Gemstones which I vaguely heard have something to do with magic and/or refining.

I’m gonna hold off on forging anything until I have a sword I’m going to keep though. Right now I’ve just got a basic Blade I’m using, but I’m gonna get a better sword as soon as I can scrape together the cash and find a place that sells the next step up. I’ve got most of the first level defence items (and a Helm) so I don’t have to worry about most wildlife anymore. Do you need to find a Blacksmith class and get them to forge for you?

And Eden, I’ve found the one thing that’s more annoying than an arrogant and disdaining high-leveller is an arrogant and disdaining high-leveller who’s started using a new character.:enguard:

By the way, how does exp work out? I’ve heard you’re given a set amount for each monster, and I’ve heard you get the same exp as damage you dealt, and I’ve heard where it gives you exp of the monster’s weight in grams times the amount of sailors in the US Navy. The iRO site doesn’t seem to want to work for me either. :frowning:

<img src=“”> Every monster has a set amount of exp/jexp. Depending on how much % damage you do to it, you get the exp.

So on a 100/50 monster, you’d get 100/50 exp if you’d kill it yourself, 50/25 if you do 50% of the damage, etc.

Emveretarcon: Used to upgrade a level 2 weapon
Detrimindexta: Used to make Counteragent or Mixture (I forget which) which is used to make Dyestuffs
Crystal Blue: Combine 10 to make a Mystic Frozen, which can be forged in a weapon to give it the Ice property.
Blue Gemstone: Used for Warp Portal, Resurrection, Sanctuary, Magnus Exorcismus, and a few wizard spells that don’t do much.

As far as exp, it is pretty much damage % = exp %, but a few changes.

If you hit it first, you gain 33% (or 50%) more exp (and everyone else loses proportionally).

If multiple people in a party with Even Share hit the same enemy, you gain a bonus of 25% per person hitting it.

Ex: 1 person hitting: 100%
2 people hitting: 62.5% each (125/2)
3 people hitting: 50% each (150/3)
4 people hitting: 43.75% each (175/4)

And so on.