RO Soundtrack

This is so awesome it deserves it’s own thread.

Switch off whatever you’re playing on Winamp or whatever and crank up the BMG in Options, and sit back. Better yet burn the entire thing to CD and listen to it on your headphones, because this music rocks so much it’s unbelieveable. The Culvert theme (Under The Ground, track 19) especially needs to be listened to as loud as possible.

This is easily the best soundtrack I’ve ever heard on a MMO game, or any game for that matter. You owe it to yourself to listen. Do it now.

Yep, the music in RO is indeed quite nice. You can listen to it just from the game MP3s (which they did not compress into an encrypted file but left as separate MP3s) instead of buying some ol’ OST though :stuck_out_tongue:

I know. One of the many reasons why I now love Gravity. This makes up for their crappy support team.:mwahaha: I’m burning this to Data CD as I type.

Zingaro owns

The entire thing owns. This is the only soundtrack I’ve ever listened to that I would ever seriously consider buying (not that I need to ^^). There’s just an incredible range of sounds here, from Pounding Pounding Techno Music (if you get this reference I shall give you a cookie) to quiet airy melodies. I love it like I love my Swordie. Maybe more. ;;>.>

Thanks to Booken I’ve listened to a few MP3s of the RO OST, and I was very impressed.

Yeah, RO does have good music ^^

But after a few months, of hunting in 1 or 2 places, the music kinda… GROWS TO GIVE ME HEADACHES. At first I loved all of it, then just the techno stuff (I don’t think I ever hated the sandmen music… assassin… forget the track) but I eventually wrote my own bgm borrowed from other video games and liked that better.

… now a days I just keep winamp on 24/7 >.>


Edit: !!! I remebered the sandmen song, “Don’t Miss me Off” track 45. Oh god I love this one XD /gg listening to it right now ^^ /ho

Yeah, that one is pretty cool. ^^ I’m gonna listen to the rest before I go to sleep probably. Damn though, it really surprised me. I expected it to be like all other MMO’s I’ve ever played (average music) but this just… whoa. 0_o