RO patch problem

The latest patch (Ragexe) I can’t seem to download directly from the game. It always reads that it failed to get it. I tried…nothing. So, can someone link me directly to a place where I can download the patch?

By the way, I’m sorry I got pissy in the chat room because of it, I was just a little annoyed.

Sometimes more than 1 person tries to get it at once and it fails or something. Try again at different times.

I’ve had this problem the last week or so. Great fun isn’t it?

I should be able to download the patch when I get back friday, so I’ll probably DCC it to you Omega

I’d recommend trying again around midnight tonight, and if it doesn’t work then, early morning tomorrow. Those are the times when people just aren’t around in as large of numbers.

Alright, thanks guys. I’ll try at midnight.

Alright, I’m good now. Thanks for the help, everyone.

Did you patch it or decide that RO isn’t worth the money? Or both? :stuck_out_tongue: