RO Name Thread

Alright, becasue it’s really hard and annoying to look through the other RO topics to find a character name, just post it here along with your job (or the one you wish to have). Please don’t post anything else as it will clutter up the topic, and make my weak effort for naught.

Dekar Ragosa
Mage - Lightning

Urkani - Mage.

Daemoness - Thief

Daemoness_ - Mage - all elements

Elley - Merchant

Mayple - Magician

Elthiar - Novice (still; how the fuck you people got to classes already is beyond me cuz it’s taking waaaaaay too long to level up…)

Cless-Alvein - Novice -> Swordsman

And you should edit your first post, epic, to include all the names, or something, so we don’t have to sift through posts to find a name :stuck_out_tongue:

Xelo -> Archer
MagiXelo -> Acolyte (and getting rich too!)

StarStorm -> Archer

Mabatsekker -> Nothing (Acolyte once the client’s done… 355 megs outta 570…)

Framie| Swordie
Framey| Theif

Candice - Archer

Jeebus_Christ- soon to be acolyte…I will heal you my children.

Nulani: Acolyte and Queen of Benches and Rocks, and Nulani’s Island.

Claire Fontaine --> Novice --> Either Archer or Acolyte

Booken - Mage (Tri-Elemental)
Saelelas - Swordman (Agility Build)