Rm2k3 Cms

Can anyone try to figure out how to make a Zelda Master Quest CMS for RM2K3?

A Master Quest one? That’s a N64/Gamecube game though, isn’t it?

Yeah, I want to put a menu system somewhat like it in my game.

Do you mean like the in-game one, where everything is on the inside of a rotating cube? Dude, I didn’t think the 'Maker was that powerful…

Yeah, and yes it is. Check out Rusty’s Site at http://rustyrm2k.cjb.net/ check out his SoM thingy.

There is, indeed, a way. The coding for it though hurts my eyes. You might want to check games like Aurora’s Tear or Vampires dawn 2 (demo versions); they already have those menus. But that doesn’t belong here.
Weeeeiiilaaaaaaaa! Move to Rast’s Forum!

Thre’s a forum for this kind of thing? Cool. I always wanted to learn how to make RPG’s (proberly)…

Go to the Forum Index.
Scroll DOWN. There’s more than just the Main Forum and the media Forum.
There’s rasts forum at the hosted stuff category. That’s where this thread would have belonged.

And by the way, there’s HUNDREDS of RPGmaker communities on the web, and probably just as many forums. Type “rpg maker” into google and FEEL THE MAGIC.

Checks Arrrrg. Too many tutorials! 0_o I may have a real look when I have some time on my hands. Do any of you guys have any RPGs you’ve made?

it is extremely difficult to make a menu like the Zelda: OoT/MM/MQ games, but it is possible. Just need a lot of pictures, variables, and switches. I could probably make one myself easy enough though.

Ummmmm. Will this thread ever be moved?

Anyways, if you KNOW how to make a ringmenu, it’s not that difficult. The stupid thing is the endless coding. It’s coding… and coding… and coding…