Rita Repulsa died yesterday.

What is so wrong with 4chan? I bet like 50% of this forum goes to 4chan.

Hahahahaha NO.

4chan is full of pedophiles and furries.

Aww… Power Rangers taught me German. ;_; I had completely forgotten what Rita looked like, though. Too bad, this.


I don’t even know what 4chan is. From the looks of things, I don’t want to know.

I could go on and on about why 4chan sucks, but its not worth it :frowning: You’re part of the “anonymous” crew, so you’ll defend the site to the death because you feel accepted there. Theres no point in reasoning, because “ANONYMOUS DOES NOT FORGIVE HURR HURR HURRRRR”

Looks who’s talking, originally had WT Snacks in his signature. >:E

How’s that post count coming along?

lol 4chan

Dude, I didn’t know Rita Repulsa had the same dub as Laharl. And Naota of FLCL, come to think of it, who basically worked for exactly the same reasons as Laharl.

What is 4chan anyway?

This is.

Somebody please close this thread. I tried to make a serious topic about somebody dying, and you all revert it to how I go to 4chan. Really mature, guys.

Unlike the characters on 4chan.

…Now, what have we learned?

[EDIT MAGIC: what have we learned in re: starting serious topics.]

Don’t start a bunch of stupid topics and then attempt a serious one or people will make fun of you? Is that what we learned?

[STRIKE]Internet: serious business.[/STRIKE]

Never expect a post on a forum to remain on-topic for more than five [STRIKE]minutes[/STRIKE] posts?

Trying to ignore the fact that Setz surfs 4chan, and getting back to the topic…

It is a shame that Rita has died. She was the first real villian I grew up with. She may have had a really bad dub, but when I was younger I didn’t care. Oh well life goes on, for the rest of us.