Rita Repulsa died yesterday.

I was surfing 4chan last night, and came across a thread stating that Machiko Soga (commonly known as Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers) passed away. I followed reading that to researching it on Google, random news websites, et al, and found out that she’s been fighting pancreatic cancer for about 2 years, and lost the battle yesterday morning.

It’s sad that a childhood memory has died, even if it’s of a villain.


Ah, after ten thousand years I’ve passed away from cancer :frowning: This is no time to conquer Earth :frowning:

Go Go Power Rangers! You finally took her out!

Pancreatic cancer is nasty. It sucks she had to go that way.

(Indeed, all callous joke aside)

It sucks that anyone must suffer from cancer, but I really couldn’t stand her voice anyway.

Correction, you couldn’t stand the dub of her voice. Unless, of course, you happened to dig up the original japanese version of the series.


I wonder how Lord Zedd is taking it?

Do NOT insult Barbara Goodson. Aside from whatever she could have done as Rita, her work as Laharl was pretty good.

As for the original, it’s sad to see her go, she really was one of THE villains in my childhood. This also reminds me of another reason why Power Rangers should have stopped when they whacked Zordon instead of going on with the myriad bullshit sequels: They never got a villain as good as Rita.

You have got to be shittin’ me. blinkblink

But in any case, as someone who grew up with the first iteration of this dealie, I am sad to see her go. May she rest in peace.

You can do MUCH worse than Laharl. His voice had the right emotion and tone, and had the perfect emphasis when needed. His laugh was annoying but it was supposed to be. Laharl wasn’t a dashing imposing lord, he was a pretentious arrogant brat trying to act big, you may not have liked his voice, but it fit the character like a glove.

Speaking of which, I want a scene in which Laharl gets sealed for ten thousand years, is released and bows to conquer the earth using Rita’s infamous quote. I’d buy the game just to hear that.

It’s not that. I agree, Laharl’s voice was perfect for the charachter. I just couldn’t believe it was the same VA.

Heh, in that case I know what you mean.

Everybody just quote this.

Lost respect at about this line.

He was looking at 4Chan?? What a loser!!! Oh shit, gotta go guys, my torrent of Pani Poni Dash is done, and I gotta watch it and make a new avatar from the events in the episode for use on the internet.

You’re the omega マホ of the year nya~

Yay thread derailment. I always liked Rita’s hat, I wonder if I can have it now that she’s dead? >.>;

In all seriousness, that sucks.

blink blink Nasty… You have to admit that was an odd way of finding out about it though.
And believe me, the sheer horror of some of the dubs I’ve seen in my lifetime would give you nightmares.