Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations is, in a nutshell, Empire Earth had it not sucked. It’s the perfect blend of Age of Kings and Civilization 2 (the latter being because it was created by the guys who made Civ2 and AlphaC). It’s not for everyone, but there’s a lot to love.

Does it play like Civ2/AlphaC or like the Age games?

Yes and Yes. It’s essentially a more laid back form of AoK with lots of Civ elements. You would like it, I like it, Rick Goodman wouldn’t like it, I’d like to kick Rick Goodman in the crotch…

Oh, and it’s 2d, so it won’t graphically tax your computer as much as some other games.

Oh, I think I do like it. I’ll check for it when I’m at Best Buy next time.

It’s fun, i was playing the romans in my first game.

Romans with icbm nukes :smiley: