IT LIIIIIIIIIVES!!!11111111oneoneone :smiley:

Please don’t destroy Lunar. :frowning:


I actually checked to see if it was April first, lol. I feel kinda dumb now, but I don’t care - I’m glad the news is true. Can’t wait to see what they do. Best of luck, Gaijinworks.

I still want Sega Ages: Dragon Force. :frowning:

They weren’t quite dead. They were just restin’, and pining for the fjords. Anyway, I still need to play the first two Lunars.

… and just as long as they don’t make a disaster like I’m given to understand Lunar DS was …

Yeah lunar DS was a huge disapointment. Though it had its good points. The whole concept behind it was stupid.

Hopefully Square-Enix allows Gaijinworks to work on future Lunar games. Also, hopefully, they actually are able to get the rights to some decent games…

I’ve seriously left Lunar to the dogs after Dragon Song. I’ll probably buy any new Lunars wishing that it might somehow feature all the things that drew me to it in the first place like a hopeless romantic; however, it was Working Designs that made Lunar to me, and I doubt they’ll ever get that back.


I’m not sure I’m too enthusiastic about this, considering that Working Designs died due to Vic refusing to do anything for about 3 years besides try to wank Konami by translating a game that never would have sold. The Goemon game he was so desperate to get released was a ps2 launch title and a fairly bad one at that by all accounts that I’ve seen. Even if Sony had approved the game it wouldn’t have sold and WD would still have most likely died. I’m just not sure that I care too much about the work of someone who doesn’t know when to cut his losses and do something useful

That’s absolutely false. What killed WD in the end was releasing Growlanser Generations. Due to Sony of America’s ‘no 2D’ policy, they wouldn’t allow WD to release Growlanser 2 alone (Growlanser 3 had almost no 3D at all, but it had some at least). For that reason, they were forced to release GL2 in a box set with GL3, meaning that they had to wait the amount of time it takes for two games to be released (two very huge projects, too - the scripts for both of those games are HUGE, and a lot of it is voice acted, too), so for a long ass time, they were generating pretty much no revenue at all, and had to lay of most of their staff in the process of making the game. The Goemon shit probly had almost nothing to do with it, if at all.

At least they’re spreading out over multiple platforms now, that should alleviate some of that bullshit.