Ripping graphics from psx games

Are there any experts on getting graphics out of psx games among the shriners here?

I’ve downloaded PSicture and TIMviewer, but both of them give me messed-up images (from an IMG file that displays the graphics correctly on an emulator).

Anyone else have experience with this problem? It’d be a shame if I couldn’t use the graphics in my shrine.

Most PSX games don’t store most of their images in anything like a normal file format. The easiest way is just to use an emulator and take screenshots.

Well, the applications I mentioned are designed just for PSX images, but they don’t seem to work terribly well (what do you want, it’s freeware!)

The screenshot route unfortunately requires a ton of fiddling in Photoshop, since most of the character portraits that I want are overlaid on a 3D background that makes clipping a real pain.

Oh well, I guess that’s what I’ll have to do!

There’s really no good way. I don’t know of any PSX emulators that you can disable separate sprite layers.

I know the applications are designed for PSX images - but only for images in a particular format. Most PSX images aren’t actually stored in that format, so they only work for a small number of games. So yeah… not much help here unfortunately.