RIP CPUjunky

CPUjunky doesn’t seem to be on the air anymore. For those of you who don’t know:

CPUjunky was the best NES/SNES emulation site on the net. CPUjunky had something most other emulations sites lack- character. You could always count on CPUjunky’s hate list to feel like you have something in common with another human being. You could always count on the CPUjunky official forum to have the same 14 threads, which is very important because we all need a solid constant in our lives. Good night, sweat junky. :cool:

The entire nes/snes collection fits on like 4 dvds. You can bit torrent every game in like 10 minutes. So why does there need to be an emulation site? DERP!

It isn’t about utility.

While on the subject of emulations: I’ve been using VirtualBoyAdvance to play FFV Advance, but for some reason the gameshark codes I imput do nothing. Which is odd because this Emu has its own section for GS codes (and codebreaker and others). None seem to work, and I can’t find a “activate this for codes to work” option either. Anybody knows what I’m doing wrong?

(Note: the gamesave I’m using already was hacked, so I know the VBA can work with cheat codes.)

Also, I can’t get ePSXe (PSone emu) to work on my PC, ADRIPSX works Ok (but it doesn’t allow codes, that I know of.)

Try finding a normal ROM for FFV?