RIP - Christopher Reeve

Died at 52 after slipping into a coma that was caused by cardiac arrest.


… Rest in peace, Superman.

No matter how you look at it, he was the real Superman, inside movie set or not.

I just woke up and decided to check the forum before leaving. Man, that fuckin’ sucks.

So long Supes. :frowning:

Mourn the loss of a hero. He will not come again. :too bad:

Yeah, I know. I woke up to my radio saying it, then I turned on the TV and it was on the news! This death is pretty sad…


Good bye to my favorite Superhero… may he rest in peace.

Superman, you rock.
May you rest in peace Superman.
Was it Kryptonite?

I was tempted to use Bash.orgs’ l33t prayer ending, but it won’t fit.

For j00 0wn r00t on all our b0x3s 4ever and ever, 4m3n.

As an actor, Christopher Reeve managed to portray Superman exactly as he was supposed to be in the comics; his shadow is so long, they’re STILL looking for another actor that fits the part in the next Superman movie.

As a human being, Reeve suffered one of the worst possible fates a human being can have- being paralyzed from the neck down. And yet, not only he didn’t sink into self-pity, he actually became an advocate for others in similar situations, and spoke in favor of research to cure it. He actually believed someday we’ll have the cure. Too bad he didn’t live to use it himself.

Rest in Peace, Chris.

So long, Christopher Reeve. I will always call you Superman.

reeves will be missed. i dont think they can find a superman to fill his shoes.

and i dont think maddox has the same opinion as everyone else on this board. <a href=“”>Don’t click if you loved him too much.</a>

Reeves is dead, a guy who was an advocate for stem cell research. Maddox is still alive, and an arschloch. Yep, I find this pretty ironic.

Okay, horrible time for this story, but it is oh so topical.

Okay, a couple of years ago, my senior English literature class was talking about static and dynamic characters and all that shit. Anyway, somehow we got started on Superman. My teacher said Reeves was such a good pick for Superman because Reeves had a very stiff acting style which meshed well with the stiffness of the Superman character. Well me being the asshole that I am, I immediately said “Yeah. Well he’s alot stiffer now.” Class laughed, and the teacher said there was a special place in Hell reserved just for me. :frowning:

I’m not surprised. I bet Satan’s been expecting you for years.

It always has been. We’ve even been keeping the hot coals warm!


I am not a big fan, but regardless that was mean.

Actually Maddox has a point. He just put it across in his standard assholish way. More famous people with more money than they can reasonable spend should get ill. Maybe that way we’d get some actual medical results faster.

I still don’t think that just because some one was wealthy he deserved to get ill. if he was mean and bitchy then maybe he got what was coming to him, but I didn’t know what he was like so I can’t say.

I never said he deserved what he got. But if more rich people became ill I’d bet money on cures for said illnesses being discovered a lot faster. For example Aristotle Onassis contracted a then-incurable myasthenia gravis (sp?), and he poured money into research. He still died, but study and treatment of siad illness leaped decades ahead of what it would have been had he never contracted it.